Fernando Simón, director of the Center for Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies, has assured this Saturday that we are reaching the peak of the contagion curve, so it is expected that the saturation of Intensive Care Units (ICU) Hospitals will arrive “at the end of next week, or the beginning of the next”, and that is going to be the main problem that Spain will face. And is that, he says, “patients who become infected today will need these units in seven days.”

“The problem is no longer the flattening of the contagion curve, or the peak of contagions, but rather the saturation of the ICUs, which we must try to avoid,” Simón said at a press conference in Moncloa. “It is necessary to make efforts in the control, to try to minimize pressure on these units, vital for the lethality to be lower in many cases “, has affected.

As explained, there are now many autonomous communities that “are on the edge”, and others that are gradually approaching. “That is why it must be clear that it is necessary to reinforce all control activities so that the system does not enter this complicated phase,” he said.

“The data indicates that we are near the peak, and that in some areas we could have already exceeded it. The key point is not transmission, the measures implemented as part of the alarm status are sufficient, but the saturation of the ICUs “, because the patients admitted there “are in them for long periods”, Simón has affirmed. “The accumulation number in these units does not decrease until at least 7-10 days later, even though the number of infections drops.”

That is why he has insisted on his call to “make an extra effort to reduce transmissions as much as possible.” All with the aim that “the effect of accumulation is as little as possible, so that ICUs can take care of patients.”


In addition, he explained that although the number of infected toilets is higher than in other countries, it should be noted that “only 8.8% have received hospitalization, while in the rest of the cases the percentage is 42%. “” They are milder cases, and even asymptomatic, “said Simón, who alleged that Spain has a” great capacity to carry out diagnostic tests “and that is why the number of positives is so high, currently the number of infected toilets is 9,444.

Simón has referred to the “need to keep them on the job” to face the health crisis, although he stressed that “as soon as one has symptoms, the rest are tested and checked to see if they are infected.” “Testing positive does not always imply that the virus is viable, but they are considered positive,” he clarified.



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