When it comes to smart assistants, Google’s artificial intelligence has been superior to Apple’s. Thus, in Google Assistant 2019 it proved to be more effective in effectively understanding and answering user questions. However, this does not seem definitive for technology fans, who do not hesitate to continue making comparisons in other aspects.

This time, a new battle faced Siri and Google Assistant, when developer and tech investor James Cham wondered Which is faster when we dictate text ?.

Siri vs Google Assistan

Cham’s proof compares the reaction of Google Assistant on a Pixel and Siri on an iPhone, both phones side by side, transcribing the same speech at the same time. In the challenge, the Pixel kept up with a fairly fast speech, while the iPhone was noticeably delayed, as seen in the video below.

In the direct speech dictation test on the iPhone and Pixel it shows that the Google Assistant is significantly faster than Siri at transcribing speech into text. For Cham, the observed difference may matter little when dictated, but it matters a lot when it comes to creating round-trip interactions between a person and a smart assistant.

According to the developer’s comments in the video, speed has its own quality: “The current model for speech is like a command line. You say something and expect an answer. Now that voice to text is fast and uses fewer resources than it sounds, there is the possibility of truly interactive voice experiences. ”

Siri does it excellent and many times it even surprises us with its occurrences, but Google Assistant has shown on several occasions that it is really focused on a high level of human understanding.