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“I feel that a part of me is gone,” writes Marta Guillén about the anguish she feels these days

The Guillén family denounced the disappearance of the soldier two months ago.

Gustavo Rangel / Impremedia

One of the older sisters of Vanessa Guillén, the missing Latina soldier at the Fort Hood, Texas military base, published a video last Saturday that shows moments shared with the young woman.

“No one can imagine the pain I feel in my heart,” were the words that Mayra Guillén chose to publish a series of photos and videos with his sister to promise that they will get out of this situation.

The soldier’s sister is sincere and acknowledges with the text at the beginning of the video that “I feel a part of me is gone” Guillén notes that the soldier made up when asked to do so before sharing a small clip dated last September 29 in which both greet the camera.

The Guillà © n were partying together, as pointed out by Mayra in the video with images inside a venue. The piece ends with Vanessa lying down covering her face and the text of Mayra in Spanish: “I will never understand why. I love you sister

More than two months after the Guillén family reported the disappearance, the search team found a body on Tuesday that they believe is that of Vanessa, although they still do not have forensic confirmation.

The Texas Equusearch volunteers had suspended the search in the area that the authorities had indicated, but shortly thereafter. resumed in another sector of the Leon River, 30 miles from Fort Hood, where this Tuesday the remains appeared not yet officially verified.