Europe will buy bulk coronavirus vaccines to avoid differences between countries. (Free Press Photo: Hemeroteca PL)

Spanish factories dedicated to veterinary vaccines are being transformed to produce the expected coronavirus vaccine, be of local or foreign development.

Pedro Duque, Spanish minister of science and innovation, said this June 30 that that country is expecting 180 international projects for the vaccine against covid-19, while locally there are 12 initiatives, five with vaccine candidates and one has already passed the first tests and produced adequate defenses, something very hopeful according to the official.

These solutions vary from each other, but all have the objective of neutralizing the virus at some stage of its development in the human body.

The minister pointed out about the importance of Spain continue to invest in scientific development, and in particular in a coronavirus vaccine.

“Having its own vaccine development puts the country in a more favorable situation when negotiations are made with external companies,” he said.

Spain calculate that between six and 12 months it is possible to believe that there will already be a vaccine developed and welcomed the decision of the European Union to make the purchase in bulk and with funds from that body, to avoid differences between countries.