It is not your phone, Telcel’s mobile network suffered a failure nationwide in Mexico, which caused various users to be unable to make calls, send sms or use their internet, since no signal appeared on their mobile. Read: NASA and Space X launch historic launch, watch it here

This failure has been reported by the same users on social networks since 12:00 hours, Mexico City time, and according to Downdetector, the most widespread failures are in Mexico City, Sinaloa, Sonora, Chihuahua, Durango , Monterrey and Coahuila.

The most affected users are those who use Android devices, which cannot make calls since the error “Call ended-41” appears, so they cannot make calls to other phone numbers or use the network provided by Telcel.

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On Twitter, the phone platform responded to some tweets from users, however they report that despite the attention, the problem has not been resolved.

At the moment, the word “Telcel” is trending on Twitter and Facebook, for more than two thousand tweets talking about the fall of the popular mobile network.