One of the positive things about stay in your house For longer than usual, it is that you can fix those small details that are in your home: organize things that no longer serve to get rid of them, clean more in depth some areas of your home, perhaps paint the facade of the home, etc. However, the longer you spend there, the more electricity and more water you are likely to consume. Read Your electricity bill could go up 30% during quarantine

This is where you have to be more careful. Because during this contingency for Covid-19 the receipts of these services can get more ‘loaded’. Precisely here we will tell you 10 tips to save water in your home. According to the Profeco Purchase Compass, these are the most important.

Tips for saving water at home. Photo: Pixabay
1. Check, locate and repair leaks

Check that there are no leaks in bathroom furniture, kitchen, pipes, etc. This is one of the most effective ways to save water.

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2. Install bathroom furniture and water saving accessories

Currently there are different products on the market to save water, for example toilets with a double discharge tank.

3. Don’t waste water from the shower

You can do this in two ways. In winter, people let the water run while it heats up, either with an electric shower or through the gas heater. One way to save it is to use a bucket to catch the water that is being thrown during these moments.

In the summer, we often leave the shower faucet open while we lather up. Here the option is easier, just close it.

4. Cleanliness is important but …

Avoid leaving the sink faucet open while you shave or brush your teeth; In the first case you can do it with a small container to rinse the rake and your face. As for the second, you only require a glass of water to brush your teeth.

5. Do not throw everything in the toilet

Avoid throwing cigarette butts, toilet paper, or other objects down the toilet, they can get clogged, and you will need a LOT of WATER to drain them. Also, if you fail, you will have to call a plumber, which will generate another extra expense.

6. In the kitchen, also close the key

The sink faucet should remain closed while you lather dishes, cutlery, etc. Do not open it when washing fruits or vegetables, for this it is preferable to wash them in a separate container, not under running water.

7. Fill the washing machine

If you are going to use the washing machine, you should do it with a full load. Avoid washing just one or two items.

In addition, the water from the washing machine can be used for housework such as mopping, cleaning patios or the toilet.

8. Don’t water your garden daily

If you are a plant lover, we recommend that you water your garden two or three times a week, and at night or very early in the morning. The effect of the water will last longer.

9. Avoid washing your car with hoses

To wash your car, you only need a bucket of water. Doing it with the hose wastes too much liquid.

10. Rainwater also works

As much as possible, try to collect rainwater for your home activities like washing patios, cleaning the floor or the bathroom.


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