The Addictive Band

The Addictive It is one of the most successful groups of today in the Mexican regional genre, and they are precisely the love for what they do, the evident talent, a high sense of professionalism, and their incredible simplicity, the unequivocal keys to their great success and their overwhelming popularity, with more than 26 years of success, awards, recognition and tours of Mexico and the United States.

The talented musicians that make up this band have to their credit a successful career that includes 13 albums, in addition to a solid reputation earned, thanks to the fact that they have managed to infect the public with their characteristic style in all their presentations. Its quality and interpretive force is precisely what in these three decades of experience have taken band music to simply extraordinary levels.

2020 is a very special year for The Addictive, because they celebrated last March 19 30 years of impeccable history, with a YouTube Live Session for his fans, who were mostly already homebound, eager to listen to music from their favorites.

As if that were not enough, and letting themselves be carried away by the carousel of emotions that everyone has experienced in the face of the Coronavirus pandemic, the boys of The Addictive They decided to create a song that encompassed precisely those feelings, theirs as musicians, and those of every fanatic, the fear of being at the gates of a life, and perhaps admitting that everything we knew is in danger of extinction.

“Endangered” in acoustic version It was released on May 6, and is a definitive gift to all the fans who have given all their love to the band during these years. The official video expresses the most genuine wish of The Addictive to retake the stages and be closer to all those people who sincerely offer their applause in each presentation. The original version reached number one on Billboard “Regional Music Songs”, # 1 on Monitor Latino in Mexico and the United States, and the official video has more than 518 million views and 120 million streams on Spotify.

Enjoy “En Danger of Extinction” in acoustic version, a gift for fans of La Addictiva

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