The figures make this very clear. Almost a 92% of taxpayers who submits his income statement not all applicable deductions apply. In other words, the Spanish stopped perceiving around 9,000 million euros.

We must also take into account that the Treasury draft it is only an informative proposal and may not contain all the tax benefits to which you are entitled and have to be completed manually, but they are not made due to ignorance or fear of making a mistake. It is here, in this context, sometimes full of doubts and some confusions regarding the income statement, where the TaxDown app.

Enrique Garcia, one of the founders of the tool, explains that “TaxDown was born to help anyone, without the need for tax knowledge, to make your statement easily from your mobile or the computer and, most importantly, achieving the best result in your return and with the peace of mind of knowing that it is well done and presented correctly ”.

Start-up approved as a collaborator of the Tax Agency

An application that, taking into account that we are one month from the deadline of Rent delivery expires, as it ends on June 30, it is more necessary than ever to file it on time and, in addition, with all the pertinent tax deductions and without errors.

TaxDown, which has established itself in the Spanish market as the first digital solution for Income with more than 1 million euros of savings achieved for its more than 15,000 clients, is certified as a social partner of the Tax Agency, connects to the Treasury to review the taxpayer’s draft, making the process safe and reliable.

A saving of 500 euros per user

From TaxDown they explain that so far in the 2019 Income campaign, they have managed to improve “an average of 500 euros per declaration” In addition, they detail, another advantage of TaxDown is that charges a one-time fee of 35 euros if you get an improvement over the draft greater than 35 euros of the cost of the service. That is, in case of not saving anything or if it is an amount less than that amount, the service is free. Therefore, the return for the user can “Become more than 20 times.”

For this reason, it is highly recommend reviewing the draft before filing the return and, furthermore, it is best to do so as soon as possible. The Treasury has also considered it especially important, especially in this context of pandemic by Covid-19, that the procedures be carried out without delay so that taxpayers can receive their returns as soon as possible. In addition, in the case in which the result of the draft comes out to enter, you only start paying at the end of the campaign (July 1).

This service, a pioneer in Spain, reviews and improves the draft of the Income quickly, easily and 100% safely: “In 15 minutes they have the declaration made and from home. In addition, being homologated by the Treasury, we connect securely to certify that the tax information of our clients is correct. The user only has to validate, answer an average of 9 questions, check and present. ”, As explained by García.

The declaration of the Income in 15 minutes and without leaving home

For many this process is a headache, therefore, TaxDown simplify this process and even allows those who have already filed their return revise it again and the possibility of rectification, if they discover a significant saving in their draft that was not included.

If you have not yet submitted the Income of 2019, do not worry, you are still in time to do it with all the guarantees and without errors. To access TaxDown, all you need to do is have a device with internet connection, access their website or download their mobile application that is available for iOS and Android.

The tax consulting revolution made by advisers

“Tax advisers are very useful for people with complicated declarations, but they are very expensive for a large part of the citizens. Our idea is to make tax advice accessible to anyone. Therefore, we have a pricing policy focused on value for the user. We risk it to success, and we only charge if the user improves the result of his statement, ”they affirm.

Also, behind TaxDown There is a team of tax experts from well-known law firms and consulting firms, who guide and accompany the user throughout the process, in addition to reviewing each statement. “Technology allows us to reduce the effort for declaration and offer a solution available to anyone”, they point out.

An American-inspired creation

Behind TaxDown are three young entrepreneurs: Álvaro Falcones, Joaquín Fernández and Enrique García. All three are passionate about technology and challenges, so they left their jobs at first-rate technology start-ups in San Francisco for the sole purpose create a project that would improve people’s lives.

TaxDown recently announced a € 700,000 capital increase led by American business angels and the Spanish entrepreneurial environment.