After more than two months closed, it seems that the Spanish Apple Store will gradually begin to open again to the public and will do so from next June 4. The first to open will be those in territories with a more advanced de-escalation phase, and there will be only four stores that will open the day after tomorrow.

The Apple Calle Colón stores in Valencia, Apple Puerto Venecia in Zaragoza, Apple Nueva Condomina in Murcia and Apple La Cañada in Marbella will reopen on Thursday June 4 in a reduced hours: from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.. However, current security measures not only restrict opening hours, the store capacity will be less than normal and, in addition, it will be necessary to pass some controls to use a mask to enter.

On the Apple website you can check the opening hours and days of these four stores, the other 7 stores that Apple has in Spain, four in Madrid, two in Barcelona and one in Valladolid, they must wait at least a week to reopen, although perhaps they could be delayed a little more.

The reopening of the Apple Store begins in Spain

Over the last few weeks we have already seen how the Apple Stores in various countries began to reopen and work more or less normally, yes, there are strict rules to keep safety distances that mark the sanitary authorities.

Since we started responding and adapting to COVID-19 in January, Apple has let care drive our decision-making: taking care of our teams, taking care of our customers, and taking care of our communities.

Apple already established some rules to enter the Apple Store, we understand that in Spain the same protocol will be followed:

Drastic reduction of capacity of the stores, they have not specified how much percentage but it will be time before seeing the Apple Store crowded as before.
Will be mandatory to enter with a mask In the Apple Store, if you don’t have a mask, Apple will provide you with one.
They will perform a temperature control at the entrance to the Apple Store.
If you have symptoms, such as fever or cough, they will ask you some questions to determine possible recent exposure to someone infected with COVID-19.
Throughout the day, Apple Store employees will conduct deep cleanings with special emphasis on all surfaces, exhibition products and heavily traveled areas.
The How to buy could vary depending on the store with a more traditional cashier line. And online shopping could also be slightly affected, although you will be able to collect your orders in stores as usual until now.

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Apple stores are very important and it has cost Apple a lot of money to have them closed all this time. The Apple Store have broken records this year in our country, so this reopening is sure to be great news for AppleLet’s hope that soon they can open the rest of the stores that they have scattered throughout the territory.