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Danielita de Sabado Gigante dies.

The world of entertainment and television shows is in mourning, this time after learning the sad and painful news of the death of one of the most beloved children’s faces on the small screen.

The famous girl Danielita Núñez, who was part of the children’s segment that Don Francisco had in the television program Sábado Gigante, died, at just 13 years old.

Danielita, the girl with the glasses and her mischievous smile, was one of the pampered and beloved little girls of the so-called Children’s Clan of the old Univision program.
The girl, who premiered on the show at the age of 9, lost the battle against a harsh disease that plagued her for many years.

The sad news was revealed by the former driver of Sábado Gigante, who declared himself devastated after the early loss.

Don Francisco used his social networks to express his pain and to report on the death of Danielita, to whom he dedicated some beautiful words.

“There are lives that leave deep marks on us. Danielita Núñez, from our Children’s Clan, taught us the value of fighting to live with a smile. Last night his heart stopped beating, ”was the comment with which the television entertainer revealed the sad news.

The Chilean entertainer sent a viz of encouragement to the little girl’s relatives, who always supported her in her time on television and her fight against her health problems.

“Our condolences to your family. Rest in peace, “said Don Francisco, after sharing a beautiful photograph of the little girl, smiling.

At the Univision show the girl herself had spoken about her shortcomings, and even on one occasion, after spending a long hospital stay, she was very grateful to her fans.

“I didn’t know that I was going to make many friends and that I was going to open many doors for myself. I spent about 8 months in the hospital waiting for a heart transplant, ”said the girl on the show, commenting that she was excited to learn that Don Francisco was watching her and even went to see her at the healthcare center where she was. “I remember when Don Francisco came to visit me and I felt very special and honored,” she added gratefully.

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According to People en Español, Danielita suffered a terrible cancer when she was a year old and although she overcame it, the chemotherapies she received affected her heart, which led to a later severe illness.