Free way to all reforms. The Government has lifted the suspension to carry out rehabilitation works on existing buildings in all territories that are in phase 1 of de-escalation by the coronavirus, as published in the Official State Gazette (BOE) this Saturday.

These reform works were only allowed in homes without neighbors or in empty premises, to avoid contagion risks, but from now on they are all allowed again in areas that are at least in phase 1.

Therefore, the renovations of buildings are allowed from this Saturday in all the territories that are already in phase 1 and from next Monday, predictably, in all of Spain, since the Community of Madrid is scheduled to go to phase 1 next week. and the areas of Catalonia and Castilla y León that are in phase 0.

In the ministerial order that authorizes it, published this Saturday by the Official State Gazette (BOE), Health, which is competent in the state of alarm, adds that for intervention work on existing buildings, “in any case, the adequate hygiene measures and the minimum distance security between two-meter people ».

The suspension had been established by a ministerial order of April 12, modified by another of May 2.