The Government has been firm in defending the extension of containment measures approved this Sunday in the extraordinary Council of Ministers, according to which non-essential service workers must stay two weeks at home to minimize mobility and, with it, the possibility of transmission of the coronavirus. “We will not accept pressure of any kind in order to relax confinement,” said the Minister of Labor, Yolanda Diaz.

“The Government prioritizes the general interest over the particular, and we are not going to accept pressure of any kind in order to relax confinement,” said Díaz, who insisted that “we have to achieve reduced mobility, the conversion of all the days of the week on Sundays “because, defends the Executive, only thus will it be achieved contain the pandemic given that Intensive Care Units (ICUs) are expected reach their limit in the next few days.

And to achieve this, the Minister of Labor has remarked, “There is no better way than with the mandate that we put on the table to lower the contagion curve. We need to tighten confinement,” he remarked.

Measures the employers did not like it too much, nor to many autonomous communities, and thus they have made it known to the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, this Sunday in the videoconference they have held. Some, like Basque Country and Galicia, have been dissatisfied with the closure of non-essential activities, and have even asked the Executive to allow each region to decide in which sectors to implement the new restrictions.

However, the Government has refused because, as the Minister of Finance and spokesperson has said, Maria Jesus MonteroAt the press conference that he has offered with the Minister of Labor, everyone must go to one because the Covid-19 does not understand borders. Therefore, it has guaranteed that the new mobility restrictions will be applied homogeneously in all the autonomous communities without exception. “It makes no sense to differentiate between communities because the virus does not understand borders or ideologies,” said Montero.

“We cannot make any kind of differences between communities,” said the spokesperson, who stressed that the Government’s intention is that each and every one of the autonomous regions apply these measures because, otherwise, “the effort of some would not have results. “


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