Started the Hot sale!, but do not be afraid to buy during these days of online discounts, as there are some methods that will help you avoid fraud. The Hot Sale will take place from May 23 to June 1. Read: Funeral Expenses: Which is the most expensive and cheapest funeral home?

Before making any purchase, it is important to verify that the website is secure and to investigate whether more people have used that platform, said Violeta Corona, an expert in marketing and academic at the Universidad Panamericana.

Buying online should not be complicated, but it should be safe. Photo: Reforma Agency

“That very precise searches can be made on the Internet, where they can find out which are the portals that have the greatest number of users, that have the longest time in the market and that are also backed by the issue of bank cards against fraud”, Indian.

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In addition, it is necessary to verify if that sales platform has a padlock in the upper right, which validates that it is a secure page.

The expert recommended that people look for the prestige of the brand or store and that they have a support of advice, in addition she also stressed that to avoid fraud it is good to use payment alternatives in electronic commerce such as PayPal.

He stressed that it is important to review the return policies, since due to the health emergency some stores are not open and thus avoid a double expense, in addition to reviewing the materials described in online stores and comments from previous buyers.

“(It is suggested) to do very precise searches on the Internet, where they can find out which portals have the largest number of users.”
Violeta Corona, marketer.