Starting next Monday, May 25, the terraces of the bars and restaurants Madrid may open to the public. They will with a 50% capacity limitation and with the Health and safety measures for employees and clients decreed by the authorities. According to the forecasts of the association Advanced Madrid Hospitality to OKDIARIO, only 10% of the terraces The capital will resume activity in phase 1. In other words, they will open about 540 terraces, of the approximately 5,400 that are registered in the city. The reason? The consumption prospects are very low, so entrepreneurs prefer not to open to losses.

The association predicts that most terraces will resume activity between phase 2 and phase 3, when opening, mobility and risk of contagion are reduced. The path will also be marked by the territories that are ahead of the de-escalation.

Uncertainty has caused businessmen like Rubén González to decide to return to half-gas activity. He is the owner and co-owner of three bars located in the Community of Madrid (“El tres”, “La sede” and “D’Andruben”), but on Monday he will only open two of them. It will do so with a third of the usual staff and with many Doubts.

«We open with great fear and great caution. In one of the restaurants I am only going to take three ERTE employees out of the nine I have and in the other we will only rescue two workers. We don’t know how people will react in the opening. What will you consume? I don’t think it will consume much in the first days, ”he explains to OKDIARIO.

The businessman acknowledges that the crisis has had a very hard impact on his business. For two months she has not had any type of income and has not been able to access government aid either. «We close overnight, with all the cameras full of genre. During this time we have had to continue paying the rents, social security, water, electricity. This opening is late. It has been a political issue, ”he denounces.

The businessman believes that normality will take at least a year to reach the sector. It is mainly dependent on the discovery of a coronavirus vaccine.

10 people per table and two meters away

The Official State Gazette stipulates that in phase 1, only the terraces may be opened to the public at fresh air, which he defines as “any uncovered space or any space that, being covered, is laterally surrounded by a maximum of two walls, walls or walls”. The measure extends to hotel terraces and must be accompanied by various safety and hygiene standards.

The tables must keep a separation of two meters, which is the maximum recommended interpersonal safety distance. Regarding occupation, the ten clients per table or table group may not be exceeded, according to the maximum allowed for social gatherings. In addition, the traditional cards, which will be replaced by electronic devices. All this, accompanied by the obligatory use of mask and the recommendation to use disinfectant gloves and gels.