Very good performance of the Asian market with increases in the Nikkei of 1% or the Sydney Stock Exchange of 1.65% and the Hang Seng of 1.38% create a very favorable environment to attack the next resistance of 7,485 points directly in openness as we see US futures with increases of 0.4% and nightly Dax and Euro Stoxx also with increases of 0.64% and 1.37% respectively.

This leaves us with an opening price with a bullish gap and above our resistance that will have to be kept intact throughout a very loaded session of publication of macro events focused on the May PMI of services that have already started at dawn with the Japan (26.5) or the first quarter GDP in Australia (1.4%).

At 8 we will know the GDP of the 1Q of Switzerland (-2% and -0.9% annualized) and at 9:15 we will start with the batch of services PMIs in Spain (25), Italy (26.5), France ( 29.4), Germany (31.4) and ending with those of the Euro zone (28.7) at 10 in the morning in which we will also know the unemployment rate (8.2).

Germany will also publish at 9:55 am the employment data for May (200,000) and its unemployment rate (6.2).

Already in the afternoon, we will have the change of non-agricultural employment ADP at 14:15 (-9 million) from the United States and the GDP of the first quarter in Canada at 14:30 (1.2%).

At 15:30 we will have the storage report in Cushing and fifteen minutes later the US services PMI (36.9).

At 16 hours it will be the turn of the orders to the factory (-14%) in the United States and the rate decision in Canada (0.25%) ending half an hour later with the oil inventories (3.038 million).