The IBEX 35 has rebounded a 2.44%, up to 7,174.50 points, after having risen to 3% and set an intraday high of 7,229 points. The rebound of automobile and of the banks It has boosted the European stock markets, and the Spanish selective has increased in value supported by titles such as IAG, CIE, Amadeus, Aena, Inditex and Santander. The index has attacked the April highs, at 7,210 points, but has not been able to overcome this resistance level. In any case, he has extended his hot streak in recent sessions.

One of the main news has been the announcement of the European Commission, which has proposed a recovery plan that would reach 750,000 million in two years and that will be channeled to governments mainly through direct transfers (500,000 million), but that would also include a portion of loans (250,000 million).

Spain would have access to 140,446 million euros from the recovery fund, of which 77,324 million would come through direct transfers and the rest as loans to be repaid.

It is, however, a proposal from Brussels that now must be discussed by the Heads of State and Government and agreed with the European Parliament, so the figures included in the final agreement on the reconstruction plan will be different.

In any case, the announcement has helped to relax risk premium spreads in the euro zone. The profitability of the Spanish 10-year bond it has dropped sharply to 0.65% from 0.7%, half that of a month ago; and the risk premium It has dropped to 105 points from 113.

Furthermore, the euro 0.14% appreciates and changes to $ 1.0995, while the Brent oil falls 2.3% to $ 35.37.

Furthermore, the agency Fitch worsened its forecast of contraction for the Spanish economy last night up to 9.6%, compared to the 7.5% drop estimated at the end of April. The agency cut its forecasts for world GDP, although it added that “the fall in world economic activity is close to reaching its lowest point and the collapse may be close to bottoming out.”

Finally, the president of the European Central Bank (ECB), Christine Lagarde, has participated in a virtual session answering the questions published on social networks. Lagarde has said, among other things, that the economy of the euro zone will contract between 8% and 12% in 2020.

At the geopolitical level, tensions between China and the United States have returned to the spotlight, although the markets seem bent on not paying too much attention to this issue. Donald Trump has claimed that The US is ready to take “very interesting” actions towards China by the end of the week in relation to Hong Kong, where protests continue against Beijing’s plans to change national security laws.


“The Ibex has come to mark intraday, by ten points, prices above the April highs (7,210) but finally it has not been able to close above. Ideally, it should be done in weekly candles, because somehow this type of closure is more forceful, I would dare say more reliable, “says José María Rodríguez, analyst at Bolsamanía.

“And if I did, Only then will we start thinking about 7,440 points (38.2%), 8,000 points (50%) and 8,350 points (61.8% adjustment and weekly bearish gap). In short, the feelings are still good but the most important thing is missing, to confirm above the April highs with ease, “concludes this expert.