The Technicians of the Ministry of Finance (Gestha) estimate that the 3,000 million euros that the implementation of the Minimum Life Income (IMV) will contribute 46.8% of the total amount necessary for 4 million people in Spain to get out of a situation of extreme poverty, after the Government has approved in an extraordinary Council of Ministers this aid destined to help the 850,000 most vulnerable families.

In this sense, the Treasury technicians positively value the implantation of the IMV as a first step, and maintain that the autonomous communities will have to reorder the minimum insertion income and the social assistance grants that they grant to vulnerable people to complement the IMV and achieve the 6,405 million that number hundreds of NGOs and other non-profit entities that make up the Platforms for Tax Justice in Spain, as necessary, including Gestha.

Thus, the technicians point out that the Autonomous Communities will be able to reorder the minimum insertion income or other social assistance grants that they grant to vulnerable people to complement this novel instrument to escape extreme poverty.

In this context, Gestha regrets that Spain occupied a painful sixth place in 2018 in the ranking of extreme poverty in the European Union. A situation defined by income below 40% of the median income, with less than 5,014 euros per year that defines the threshold of severe poverty of households in Spain for a single person.

Technicians fear that in Spain significantly increase people living in severe poverty like consequence of coronavirus, after the number has been decreasing from the maximum reached in 2015.

Finally, the technicians clarify that for the computation of income to receive the Minimum Vital Income (IMV), scholarships, housing or emergency aid, social wages, minimum insertion income or other social assistance aid will not be subtracted. granted by the Autonomous Communities. And that HIV benefits, pensions as a result of the Civil War, compensation for personal injury, benefits for fostering people with disabilities and unemployment benefits in the single payment modality will not be calculated either.