Georgina Rodríguez He usually posts raunchy photos on his personal Instagram account. In fact, a few weeks ago I was uploading an image hanging the clothes on my back with no bottom, only with a thong. It is also common to publish videos training with tight models, and with all this the temperature of social networks rises. This Saturday, perhaps unintentionally, he also aroused those kinds of reactions with his latest photo uploaded on Instagram.

In the image, Georgina Rodríguez appears alongside Cristiano Ronaldo and all the children of the Portuguese footballer of Juventus in an indoor pool at his home in Turin. So far everything normal, except that in the photo there may be an unexpected oversight of the Portuguese couple, because the swimsuit may reveal more than usual due to the position in which the influencer is at the time the snapshot.

Obviously, as with every post you upload, the fact that you have more than 18 million followers on Instagram means that thousands of users instantly see your posts, and several of them have reacted to that possible oversight by viralizing the photo published by Georgina Rodríguez , who accompanies the image with his family with this message: “We walked without looking for us but knowing that we were to meet. My life”.