The Government of Pedro Sánchez has asked the landlords and companies on numerous occasions to have an understanding with the self-employed and small merchants given the current situation in which we find ourselves. However, it is also the Executive himself who is not showing the same sensitivity with the tenants of National Heritage, a public body under the Ministry of the Presidency, Relations with the Courts and Equality, which denounce that “The one who can help you the most puts a foot on your neck.”

Many of those affected have requested an exemption from the rent while the state of alarm lasts and they cannot carry out their activity normally. The response they obtained from the Legal Department of Real Estate is that, due to current circumstances, the rents would not be claimed, although they would have to be invoiced and subsequently analyze each case individually.

Despite this commitment, just four days ago, the National Heritage tenants received a message in which they were told that they were going to be granted a moratorium on the rent payment (maximum four months), without interest and that would be passed on for two years. One of the affected remarks to OKDIARIO that «it is incredible that the State closes you and after forcing you to stop the activity I intend to charge you the full rent and as if they were doing you a favor they grant you a moratorium. ”


Some of the invoices that National Heritage continues to collect from these tenants exceed 4,000 euros per month, making it impossible for many of those affected to assume payment while their business is closed. Those affected denounce the lack of sensitivity shown by the Government, by asking the private sector and private individuals to carry out efforts, which they themselves are not willing to assume.

Since We can The government’s socialist sector has been asked to creation of a fund to help pay the rent of the commercial premises, but meanwhile, the Ministry of the Presidency continues to charge it to those affected who directly depend on its management. In this way, the social communist government has raised criticism with its inflexible and solidary actions.