Why if they don’t work they don’t earn, and the nature of their activity does not allow them to work differentlyThere are workers who, despite the call to stay home to avoid the Covid-19 infection, cannot stop. Read Banks, cinemas and shopping malls closed due to coronavirus

Not even for five days, José Chávez can stop taking the truck from El Salto to the Historic Center of Guadalajara, since he must open a family magazine stand at 7:00 am. Seek to take care of yourself when using antibacterial gel.

People who live up to date with what they earn cannot stop working. Photo: Reforma

“I have nothing to sustain myself with other than the day. I am paid here, I do not own here.

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They are paying me to eat, that’s the only thing, I have to work every day. Three of us depend on this business: a granddaughter and my daughter, “said Chávez.

He added that although the business owner is his daughter, they cannot stop their work, since they have accounts payable.

In Jalisco, there are 859,310 people who are self-employed, according to the Inegi National Survey of Occupation and Employment (ENOE), and if they don’t work they don’t earn.

Katia Rivera, who has a seasonal fruit, bread and honey stand outside the Corona Market, does not stop her work, since she is the support of her family and although she tries to protect herself from SARS-CoV-2 with constant hand washing , antibacterial gel and even with the mouth mask, you can not stop using the truck or be in contact with your customers.

Photo: Reforma

“What I have to get up to date is the fruit, but I think that if it continues like this, just after finishing what is spoiled I will not come anymore. If it was none for me (day I stopped working) because I take money” he added.

His stand and one more were the only two that were observed installed outside the Corona Market.

Rafael Durán, shoemaker, 62 years old and diabetic, tries to stay clean, he uses antibacterial gel to avoid getting it, because he recognizes that with his illness he must be more careful, although the need and the pleasure to work do not allow him to stop .

If I stop coming to work one day, tomorrow I will be struggling, “he said.

In addition to charging 25 pesos for the service of bowling shoes, he also sells cigars, and for the moment, antibacterial gel.


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