Italy will extend all measures to contain the spread of the coronavirus, confinement and movement restrictions, at least until April 12, according to the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, today.

The restrictions were due to expire on April 3, although the government has yet to enact its extension, something it is already working on.

The minister held a meeting on Monday with the technical and scientific committee that advises him and from which he obtained the recommendation to extend all containment measures “at least until Easter”, which this year falls on April 12.

“The government will act in that direction,” the statement said.

This extension was already expected in Italy and the president of the Higher Health Council, Franco Locatelli, when asked today about an eventual reopening of the country, replied: “We will speak after Easter.”

The authorities consider that social distance and the limitation of movements throughout the country is the most effective way to contain the limitation of the virus.

That is why they initially confined and closed the initial outbreaks, eleven municipalities in the Lombardy and Veneto regions (north), then the Lombardy region and fourteen more provinces, and since March 9 the entire national territory.

Italy has registered 101,739 coronavirus infections since the crisis began on February 20, of which 75,528 remain infected and 11,591 people have lost their lives, especially in the northern areas of the country, according to the latest provisional balance.

This Monday saw the lowest number of new infections in the last twenty days, 1,648, but the authorities have not yet confirmed that the peak that marks the decline of the pandemic has been reached, but rather that they are “slowing down” in its dissemination.


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