The World Health Organization (WHO) assured that the new coronavirus COVID-19 cannot be transmitted through the air or through fecal material, but through contact with respiratory drops that can expel infected people.

Through a technical report, the organization explained that for there to be a transmission, there must be a distance of one meter or less with a person infected with the virus and that they sneeze or cough.

Likewise, if the infected patient touches any surface and then a healthy person uses or touches the objects and without washing their hands touching their nose or mouth can also result in contagion, he said.

He noted that airborne transmission can only be possible in specific circumstances and environments in medical procedures performed with aerosol support, such as the use of nebulized treatment, manual ventilation before intubation, among others.

Regarding transmission through fecal material, he noted that although there is evidence that the COVID-19 virus can cause intestinal infection and be present in feces, “to date there have been no reports of fecal-oral transmission.”


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