The president of the LFP, Javier Thebes, has advanced the final date for the return of the Spanish League: it will be Thursday June 11, as I intended days ago.

Thebes even agreed to say then that he wanted it to be with the Seville derby between Betis and Seville. “We will start, God willing, on June 11th. Let’s hope that Madrid and Barcelona go to Phase 2, which is where it can be done. There are more than 130 LaLiga people working so that everything can be done, in a new way. Travel, organization, everything. We are ready and the important thing will be the day we finish the competition. The next one will start on September 12. “

In addition, the president of the League also confirmed that there is a date on the horizon for the start of the next season: September 12.

Thebes confirmed this in a day of online conferences entitled ‘The next sport’, organized by the newspaper ‘Marca’. In his conference, Thebes regretted that the matches have to be played without an audience, but explained: “We like live spectators, we are sad because there cannot be, but thanks to the stands at home, we would have to close and it would be another story “

He also announced that imminent tests are going to be carried out for the broadcasting style of the games, with canned screams from a false public: “This same night we have tests so that at the audiovisual level the viewer can choose two images: the real one and with the public and sound virtualized. In the Bundesliga they have chosen virtual sound very successfully and we are working on giving that option. “