Brazil and Chile had the highest increases in people infected with COVID-19 in the region, while the total number of infected in Latin America already exceeds 10,000, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.

Brasilia, Santiago and Ecuador have 3,417, 1,610 diagnosed and 1,595 with the disease; respectively, while the lives of 92 Brazilians, five Chileans and 36 Ecuadorians have been extinguished by the pandemic.

In contrast, El Salvador, Guatemala and Puerto Rico are the ones that register the least amount, as among the three they only have 80 cases and three deaths, according to the records until 7:53 GMT.

However, the United States is considered a potential new epicenter of the disease, since it is already the country with the highest numbers of infections (98 thousand 925), while Italy continues to increase its mortality rate, with an alarming peak of 969 dead in the last 24 hours, it has 9,134 total deaths.

Although the number of people rehabilitated remains remarkable in China, that of the 81 thousand cases, at least 74 thousand 588 were rehabilitated, today Iran has 11 thousand recovered from the 32 thousand 332 infected.

In total, the world registers 585 thousand 040 cases, 26 thousand 819 deaths and at least 129 thousand 812 recovered in the midst of the announcement made this Friday by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) where it recognizes that these figures have caused the global economy enter into recession and that this situation will particularly affect developing economies.



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