Patricia Ripley, mother of a nine-year-old boy with autism who was found dead in Miami, was arrested for her alleged relationship to the child’s death.

Patricia Ripley, the mother of a nine-year-old boy with autism who was found dead in Miami on Friday, a few hours after she denounced his kidnapping, she was arrested for her alleged connection to the death of the small Hispanic, local media reported.

The case took an unexpected turn with the news of the arrest of the mother of Alejandro Ripley, a child who did not speak and whom people who knew him described in statements to the press with adjectives as “happy” and “sweet”.

So far there is no new official information from the Miami-Dade Police nor the Department of Compliance with the Law of Florida about this case that has shocked public opinion.

According to television channels such as Local 10 and Channel 7, Patricia Ripley, 45, is being held without bail in prison Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center and faces accusations of first degree murder and premeditated murder attempt.

The boy’s body was found Friday in a lake located on the golf course near the place where, according to Patricia Ripley, the kidnapping.

Alejandro Ripley. Special Photo

Alejandro’s mother denounced on Thursday night that the boy had been kidnapped by two men African Americans that they followed her and her son in a car when they were driving in an area of ​​southwest Miami.

At one point, according to her account with the police, the other car forced her to turn abruptly onto a street and blocked her vehicle in front of the parking lot of a home-goods business.

One of the occupants of the other car got out and asked drugs and when she said he didn’t have one, he hit her, took the boy and her cell phone and left.

No details have been given on the detention of the woman, but local media reported that the Police began to suspect her when she verified through the security cameras from the home materials business, who instead of calling immediately after the alleged kidnapping, spent time in the parking lot of the premises inside his car.

As soon as the complaint was made, the Police activated an “amber alert”, with a rapid response mechanism in case of child abductions and asked for the collaboration of the citizens to find the child.

The police had asked whoever came to see or meet the kidnappers not to approach them and simply call a special phone line open for this case.

With information from EFE