President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said that the Government obtained fans in China and that they have already ordered 5,000 more devices. He assured that yesterday he signed a decree to urgently acquire supplies for Covid-19, without having to carry out the entire procedure. Read Walmart Mexico: 14-day leave with pay for these employees

“Yesterday I signed a decree so that the Ministry of Health can urgently acquire all the equipment, so that the entire procedure that has to be followed in normal times does not have to be carried out, that is, fans are needed, they are obtained as They got in China, they asked us for payment in advance, immediately the money and the fans come, otherwise the tender would have to be sent but before the tender it would have to go through two, three instances and it is a process that takes a month, not that, they are carrying out the procedures at most one day, “he said in his morning conference.

There are only 5,000 ventilators to serve Covid-19 patients in Mexico. Photo: Reforma

“We have 5,000 fans, there is a larger order than another 5,000, we are getting in China, in China we get and orders are being made to have them all.”

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REFORM published on Thursday that in the Phase 3 of the pandemic some 20,000 ventilators for Covid-19 patients may be needed and there are only five thousand.

Yesterday, the President accused before the G20 Summit the hoarding of fans and medicines by countries with “more economic possibilities”, for which he asked the UN to guarantee equal access.



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