The Tax Administration Service (SAT) received criticism for not generating fiscal support for the contingency of the coronavirus and ask taxpayers to pay their taxes on time.

PAN President Marko Cortés said that as the Covid-19 pandemic progresses, the urgency to support micro, small and medium-sized companies to keep jobs, and taxpayers in general, becomes more evident.

As the # COVID19 epidemic progresses, the urgency of supporting micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises to preserve the employment of workers becomes more evident.

President @lopezobrador_ it is time to make responsible decisions.

I open thread:

– Marko Cortés (@MarkoCortes)
   March 28, 2020

He considered that it is necessary to think about an extension in the payment of taxes and defer up to three months the annual declarations of individuals and companies for the 2019 fiscal year.

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For his part, the director of the Coparmex Anti-Corruption Commission, Max Kaiser, accused the SAT of blackmailing taxpayers by saying that they do their bit and show solidarity by complying with their tax declaration on time.

“In its immense sensitivity, the SAT asks (blackmails) taxpayers (frightened by their economy) to: do their bit to solve these difficult times.

What if they first stop throwing our money in the trash? He asked.

Meanwhile, political scientist Denisse Dresser also said that a tax package and of emergency instead of squeezing the population to support it due to the effects of the pandemic.
“What if the government stops wasting our money on Dos Bocas / Santa Lucia / Tren Maya?” He said.


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