If you have a good record and have demonstrated the ability to pay your debts, it is likely that in a bank where you have your current credit card I will soon offer you a new one with a much higher money limit.

This also usually happens when the financial institution that manages your payroll notices that you have more income, therefore, a greater ability to get into debt. Having more money available may be tempting, but it’s best if you take it easy.

They offer me a credit card with more limits, do I take it? | Photo: Pixabay

Is it advisable to have a credit card with more limits?

If the Bank offers you one, only you have the power to accept it or not. By means of a call, emails, messages or personally, you must accept that they give you the new plastic. It is an obligation of the bank to have your authorization to release the new card.

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The National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Users of Financial Services (Condusef) indicates that banks only offer to increase the line of credit to people who have paid in time and form their previous credits.

Therefore, if they offer to increase the amount they can lend you, follow the following recommendations from the Condusef:

Ask yourself if you need a bigger credit. It is tempting to be able to buy more things, just take care that they are things that you need and that not because you have more money on hand, you go into debt beyond your capacity. Remember that the more debt, the monthly payments will be higher too.
Take care of your credit history. If they offer you a higher limit on your card, it’s because you have a good record. You must take care of that good record, it implies not taking credits that later you cannot pay.
Take it easy. Although they tell you that you have a deadline to accept a higher line of credit, this is usually not the case, because if you maintain your good behavior they will continue to offer it to you with insistence in the future.

As you can see, the decision should be yours alone and you should make it calmly and carefully analyze whether it works for you or not.

Finally, if they offer you to extend your line of credit, it is a sign that you are a good payer and you must maintain that dynamic.