The severe atypical pneumonia they are being treated as Covid-19 until they are ruled out with the test, explained María Luisa Hernández Medel, head of the Infectious Diseases Service at the Hospital General de México. Read Urge to reinforce tests of Covid-19 at borders

According to the specialist, until March 27, one of the two cases admitted to intensive care in this hospital had severe atypical pneumonia and had not yet been confirmed as Covid-19.

Atypical pneumonias are being treated like Covid-19 until they are ruled out. Photo: Reforma

“Currently in the epidemiological environment that is being lived, any patient with severe atypical pneumonia has to be considered as a diagnostic possibility (of Covid-19) and has to be managed as such until the result comes out.

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“If he is negative, he is removed from that area and goes to another intensive care unit; but a patient who currently meets criteria, we cannot leave him in another area until the diagnosis is confirmed,” he explained.

He specified that this is a 31-year-old woman with no associated comorbidity. He warned that from phase one to phase two, the number of patients with Covid-19 admitted to the General Hospital of Mexico went from one to nine.

Until March 27, at the General Hospital of Mexico there were two patients admitted to intensive care, and another seven hospitalized, in the area of ​​pulmonology.

The expert indicated that patients first enter the emergency department for a first evaluation.

If the patient is not stable and already has respiratory failure data, in this first triage, which is for emergencies, he would stay in a designated reconversion area for critically ill patients. “

If the patient is stable, they send him for a second evaluation to the infectology area, where he is evaluated by infectious diseases and epidemiologists.

If the patient is stable, he goes home. If hospitalization is warranted, it is evaluated by specialists in the area of ​​pulmonology for normal hospitalization and intensive respiratory care hospitalization.

According to the specialist, up to 90 percent of the Covid-19 pictures are mild and record lower respiratory conditions with symptoms such as fever; cough; headache, chest and body pain and do not warrant hospitalization.

“Only 10 percent of all people deserve hospitalization, and 5 to 6 percent will require an intensive care unit.”

He indicated that mortality is more associated with certain groups of the population, such as people over 65 years of age or those who have associated ills, such as diabetes, hypertension, kidney and liver disease, or some disease or drugs that produce an immunocompromise and have alterations in their defenses. .

“The case fatality rate is 4.5 percent. It’s actually low.”


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