The Secretary of Foreign Relations, Marcelo Ebrard, stated that companies that oppose addressing the health emergency due to force majeure by the Covid-19 pandemic They may be subject to administrative and even criminal penalties. Read AMLO asks IP to pay wages and not litigate

“What will happen to whoever opposes it? Well, there will be from administrative sanctions to inclusive, if it is shown that because of what you did, someone gets contagious, there may be criminal consequences,” he explained at a press conference.

Attention to labor doubts about the decision of the health authority to suspend activities due to force majeure for 30 days by # covid19

5520005290/5520005300 ext. 64394

Labor Office @PROFEDET

800 7172942/800 9117877

– Luisa Alcalde (@LuisaAlcalde)
  March 31, 2020

To try to stop contagions, the decree, signed by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, orders the suspension of all public and private activities determined to be non-essential.

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The Chancellor indicated that workers should not be deprived of their wages this month and said that companies will not be able to limit their employees’ wages to compensation either.

“This declaration is for reasons of force majeure, in this case that article does not apply, a company that tries it will face a process that will lose,” he said.

The Federal Labor Law (LFT) establishes in its articles 42 Bis, 427 and 429 that when the authorities competent emit a declaration from health contingency, labor relations are temporarily suspended and, in these cases, the employer is required to pay the employee compensation equivalent to one day of minimum wage for each day the suspension lasts.

Ebrard said that so far the federal government has found solidarity and support from the private sector.

“We all have to close ranks, if the economic damage is not done it grows because it will take longer and the impact on employment will be much greater,” he said.

“It is better to act now in terms of both health and economy,” he added.

He indicated that the faster these measures are taken, the sooner the country will return to normal.


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