Created by Pallav Raj

If you follow Apple’s presentation events, you will surely remember that moment in 2018 in which the company taught us the Apple Watch Series 4. That model was the first major redesign of the Apple Watch, finally implementing a larger screen in an even more streamlined body. And to deceive ourselves, we all fell in love with that watch, in fact, it is that model that I wear on my wrist while writing this same article. But the truth is that there is still room for improvement.

Whether it’s a matter of autonomy, processing power, or simply to take advantage of what little remains of frames, Apple still has enough details from which it could get great news in the coming years. For example, we are already getting used to the idea that Series 6 will be the first Apple Watch with sleep tracking integrated. But since it is never wrong to dream, we have asked ourselves what would happen if the next watch went further.

Thanks to Pallav Raj and the YouTube channel ConceptsiPhone, we have been able to know a really attractive concept of what the Apple Watch could be in the future. Specifically, they teach us what would be the external appearance of a clock with a frameless display. Unfortunately, the imagination has remained there, and they did not want to jump into trying to guess what it might contain inside and the functions it could bring to life, but as a start it is not bad at all.

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Next September, or in October if there’s finally a delay, we should be able to get to know the next Apple Watch model along with the new iPhones. Until then, we can still find many surprises, both official and through rumors. And it will all start next June 22, the date on which the WWDC 2020 will begin, which we can enjoy online for the first time in history, and where the great news of the next version of watchOS will be announced.