Miami —

Colorado and Utah are two of the five states that conducted their elections entirely by mail prior to the coronavirus pandemic.

Most primaries in these three states will determine candidates for the House and Senate elections in the fall.

In Colorado, election officials are due to turn in ballots on Tuesday. In Utah, ballots received a week or two after the election can be counted as long as they are mailed on Tuesday.

Oklahoma does allow voters to cast absentee ballots without giving an excuse, and a record number of voters have submitted requests for absentee ballots.

Former Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper will face former Speaker of the Colorado State House of Representatives Andrew Romanoff on Tuesday in the primaries of the state’s Democratic Senate. Hickenlooper is overall the front-runner to win the nominating contest, due to his near-universal name recognition in Colorado after two terms as governor and a $ 6 million fundraiser that dwarfs Romanoff’s.

It also has the backing of Democratic Senate leaders in Washington and outside groups, which are spending a lot to push the former Senate governor’s bid.

With information from VOA