May 22, 2020 | 5:11 pm

The Liga MX canceled this Friday the Clausura 2020 tournament of Mexican soccer, a decision that affects the pockets of the organizers, participating teams, television stations, sponsors and other stakeholders that make up a business chain valued at around 114,000 million pesos (mp) .

The tournament had paused on March 15 due to the worldwide spread of the coronavirus, with seven regular days to go, in addition to the final phase.

However, after agreeing that there are no conditions to carry out the remaining matches, the club owners chose to end the competition without a champion.

This decision affects the three commercial pillars that sustain the business that generated in 2018 more than 193,000 jobs and a salary spill of 25,000 million pesos in Mexico, according to a study by the consulting group Grupo de Economistas y Asociados (GEA).

In the first instance, game day sales are affected, which include ticketing, consumption of drinks and food at the stadium, as well as marketing items, says Francisco San José Cabestany, professor of Sports Marketing at the School of Sports Science at the Anahuac University.

The second biggest impact corresponds to television rights that the teams stop receiving, explains the interviewee.

“Here, both the teams and the television stations that stop marketing advertising space during soccer schedules, which tend to be the most popular,” lose, “says San José Cabestany.

The third and largest category are the sponsors who choose to stop paying the teams, since their contracts are usually linked to television exposure, he details.

“In general, the average is for game day income, which is between 8% and 20% of a team’s income; 30% or 35% correspond to the transmission rights; and more than half of the money usually comes from sponsorships ”, according to the specialist.

According to the National Accounts System of the National Institute of Geography and Statistics (Inegi), the value of the sales of the soccer industry in 2018 reached 55,800 million pesos.

First confirmations

The cancellation of the Mexican first division soccer tournament came after the contagion of at least 12 players from Club Santos de Torreón was revealed.

“The second part of the results of COVID-19 studies carried out was given to the players of the Santos Laguna club. Of these analyzes, four out of nine were positive, ”reported Liga MX.

The club carried out the tests from Monday, within a protocol that Mexican clubs follow.

“The extraordinary assembly of the LIGA MX agreed to conclude the Clausura 2020 Tournament in advance in its men’s and women’s branches. The time of the contingency that we are living has caused ever greater scheduling restrictions, which do not allow us to maintain competition without putting the members of this great family at risk, ”Liga MX said in a statement.

In addition, the agency said that it will not be declared champion of the tournament and that in the first week of June the exact date will be defined for the clubs to return to training.

“In a joint decision of Liga MX and the Ministry of Health, the matches will be played behind closed doors until the conditions for our fans to return to the stands are in place,” he said.

In Mexico there are 59,567 confirmed cases of coronavirus and 6,510 deaths from the epidemic.

Mexico thus joins the leagues of Argentina, France, the Netherlands and Belgium that also canceled their soccer tournaments.

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