Protestants torched buildings and vehicles in Minneapolis. (Free Press Photo: .)

Protests and violent acts lasted until early Thursday morning and left one man dead.

The death of George Floyd, 46, It provoked anger in the city of Minnesota (north) where, for the second day in a row, protests took place under the slogan “We can’t breathe,” which alludes to the phrase of the victim when he was on the ground subdued by officers.

Police fired tear gas and formed a human barricade to prevent protesters jump over a fence that surrounds the police station where officers accused of killing Floyd they worked. Still, protesters burned down an auto parts store and looted another nearby.

Amid the fires and violent acts that occurred at night, a man died from a bullet impact in the area where the protests took place, the police announced, who arrested a suspect.

Elsewhere in the city, like the place where Floyd’s arrest occurred, Protesters gathered peacefully to demand “justice”.

The discontents caused several fires in Minneapolis. (Free Press Photo: .)
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Several looting occurred. (Free Press Photo: .)
Protesters burn US flag USA (Free Press Photo: .)
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The protesters confronted the Police. (. Free Press Photo)
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First responders try to put out the flames in a Minneapolis home. (Free Press Photo: .)
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