Security when browsing the web is very vulnerable, so all cyber threats that we face must be taken into account.

Every day we are exposed to malicious codes, or viruses, that circulate through the different websites that seek to harm our security and personal integrity.

According to the ESET LiveGrid statistical system, during the month of May, 10 viruses spread massively, threatening Internet users around the world.

Next we will tell you the top of the viruses or malicious codes:

JS / Adware.Chogdoul
It was detected in 9.09% of attacks worldwide, and this corresponds to a malicious code in Javascript that, when inserted in a website, redirects the Internet user to advertising sites that may produce other unwanted behaviors.
 JS / Adware.Subprop
It was detected in 8.55% of cyber attacks, and corresponds to a malicious code in Javascript that has the same function as the first one, however, this may be a bit more annoying than the previous one.
This generic threat detected by the heuristics of ESET products has a total detection rate of 6.95%.
 JS / Adware.Velocity
What this script does is speed up the browser processes and open dozens of windows and advertisements. This is very annoying and the only option is to close the browser.
 HTML / ScrInject
This virus works as “false clicks” that when you want to download a program it redirects you to download malware.
 JS / Adware.Atocari
This malicious code opens various windows when clicking on a website, and redirects you to advertising sites.
 JS / ExAds.
This malware displays annoying advertising to users and redirects to sites that can be intrusive and annoying to the user.
 JS / Adware.Adport
This script redirects to dozens of advertisements and produces unwanted behavior.
 JS / Adware.Inpagepush
What this script does is produce dozens of windows in the web browser that redirect you to advertisements that can produce unwanted behavior.
 JS / Adware.PopAds
Add dozens of ads that appear randomly in the browser without you being able to control it.

That is why it is necessary that you have antivirus or extensions with blockers, which you can easily find on the web. For example, ESET Antivirus, Nord32, among others; Also browsers like duck duck go, which blocks your trackers.