Telemundo continues to surprise all its viewers with its super series “Cennet” and “100 Días Para Enamorarnos” which debuted on the television network on Tuesday, April 28. The plots of both dramatic projects are increasingly loaded with suspense, comedy and characters that leave the entire audience speechless.

“Cennet” is broadcast on Telemundo at 8:00 PM Eastern Time. While “100 Days to Fall in Love” is broadcast at 9:00 PM Eastern Time.


In this week’s episodes we were able to appreciate what triggered the surprising death of the powerful Riza Soyer, an unexpected fact that has the lives of Arzu and Cengiz in the head for being incriminated in everything that happened.

For his part, Orhan took his father’s place after his mother Sema Soyer appointed him as the manager of all the commitments of his powerful family. While Arzu was outraged by the decision of her mother-in-law to appoint her brother-in-law and not her husband Mahir.

In addition, Mahir was immersed in alcohol by the surprise death of his father and by his mother’s decision to put him aside. Selim also confronted his father Cengiz for hiding the kidnapping that his mother organized against Cennet and for the silence he kept about the mental disorders of his alleged biological mother.

Cengiz and Arzu are cornered by Riza’s death after they received anonymous photographs that incriminate them with the mysterious death of the powerful businessman. The person who is intimidating Cengiz and Arzu is threatening to hand over the evidence to the police if they do not do whatever he asks.

Sema declared war on Arzu and asked him to take care of every move he makes, since Riza was the only person who contained her from “ending her.” While Mahir protested to all his family for never believing in him and for ridiculing him by putting him aside in the family’s commitments after the death of his father. For his part, Selim plans to propose to Cennet.

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Cennet is getting closer to knowing who Mrs. Arzu is. We are waiting for you tonight at 8 PM/7C on Telemundo. #Cennet better every day. ⁠ ⁠ See the complete chapters in our link in BIO 🔗

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100 days to fall in love

In this week’s episodes of “100 Days to Fall in Love” we could see that Daniel confronted Plutarco for the alleged romance he has with Sol, the girl from his school that interests him. While Constanza was devastated by everything that is happening and asked Plutarco for a final divorce.

While Luis is between a rock and a hard place after Jimena confronted him when he found out that he has been weeks away from going to work in Monterrey in Mexico. For his part, Aurora, his other wife, does not suspect that Luis has a family in Texas.

Sol confessed to Daniel that Plutarco is a good man and that at no time did they have any kind of relationship. Likewise, the young woman returns to Mexico to live with her father after her family found out that she supposedly had a love relationship with a mature man (Plutarco).

In addition, Emiliano and Remedios are rekindling the romance they had during adolescence. But today it will not be easy since Alejandra, the daughter they have in common, found out that they are having romantic encounters and disagrees with that, since she greatly appreciates Max, the man who she thought was her biological father.

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Coni is already sure what she wants 🙋‍♀ Click on the BIO and discover what she said to Plutarco in @ 100dias # 100DiasParaEnamorarnos

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