January 21, 2019. Pedro Sánchez, already President of the Government, defines tourism as “the lifeline for hundreds of thousands of Spaniards.” And for the economy and employment, of course. Now, his Executive burns him with his criticized management of the sector, once the great engine of the country.

With its 84 million foreign tourists, Spain was the second most visited country in the world in all 2019, only behind the United States.

In the absence of tourist corridors with countries such as Germany, which have already demonstrated their desire to return to the country despite everything, the Government of Sánchez continues to bet on practically unprecedented prudence in the rest of Europe.

Italy will reopen its borders on June 3 to all the countries of the EU (European Union) and the Schengen area. Greece only recommends foreign tourists (and Greeks returning from abroad) undergo quarantine. Portugal will reopen its beaches on June 6, as long as it is kept at least a meter and a half away from bathers.

Germany, Austria and Switzerland will reopen their shared borders on June 16. The same example will be followed by Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia, which will lift the restrictions between visitors from one country and another, maintaining the quarantine for the rest of foreign tourists.


For interest, do not miss. Germany has already shown its desire to return to Spain, a country visited by 11 million German tourists in 2019 alone. This has been confirmed Lufthansa, after announcing that will intensify the number of flights connecting both countries. And that only 20% of Germans plan to spend their summer outside the country.

The United Kingdom is not far behind either. Spain is gambling up to 8,500 million with British tourism, which was the sum that the country’s coffers entered after receiving the visit of more than 18 million Britons in 2019.

That year, tourism accounted for 12.3% of GDP and employed more than 2.4 million people, 12.7% of the workforce across the country. In total, the nearly 84 million tourists it received in 2019 92,278 million euros were spent in Spain.