Good morning dear readers,

In today’s Sunday article, I write to you about the importance of training in trading.

One cannot pretend to be a doctor, a lawyer, or any other profession without having been trained. I think we will all agree on that.

Why should it be different, then, in trading? It will not be, of course, because it is a simple profession / activity …

It is vital to train and train well.

You will see, I know from my own experience and from the experiences that some of you have told me, that of turns that one takes in its beginnings, training in any center and under the tutelage of who, perhaps, should not.

I have always said that the order to become consistent, regular in our benefits in trading, is part of the basis of good training.

This will allow us to be able to build our trading system, or perhaps to mold and adapt to our way of being and to our circumstances, the system that we have learned from another. Whichever option is chosen, it will allow us to have strong and solid roots as traders and traders.

And it does not matter if you operate as a stock investor or as a trader in the Forex markets, should we and can we afford to mismanage our savings?

Well, with the proper training and the system built, we will be able to validate that simulated system long enough until the results obtained allow us to start applying that system in the markets, within a real operation.

This is the only way, friends. If we want to do things right, from the beginning, in order to have the possibility of reaching the end, we must start with a good training and not be in a hurry. And following the order mentioned above, the chances of surviving in our early years and of achieving the desired consistency increase exponentially. There is no other way.

We, from The Intefi Business School, help you and we will help you on your way.

I invite you to stop spinning your training and lean on us.

Visit the website: You will find its link on this same website.

You have at your disposal, through the Open Classroom, more than 40 100% free classes, with a diverse theme within the world of trading, at your disposal, so that you can advance your training these days, in which it is necessary to find new stimuli and continue advancing.

And also, now you have the possibility of registering with a strong discount, in the Energy Master Bag, a training program, taught by José Luis Cárpatos, with the quality that this entails, 100% online, suitable for anyone and at any age, whether you are an expert or a beginner.

Give the importance it deserves to your training, invest in it, give it the necessary resources, not only in money, but also in time, because it is what will make your way in trading, although a priori it may seem to be lengthening They are actually shortening it and also moving forward with a good foundation.

Let’s make the most of these obligatory days in our homes and while the world tries to heal itself, let’s also do ourselves this favor, let us advance solidly in our trading. It’s the moment.

Judith Julià


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