The US president, Donald Trump, rejected this Sunday his intention to “reopen” the US on April 12 and extended until the 30th of that month the measures to combat the coronavirus crisis, on which he predicted that the country will begin to recover. in early June.

“Nothing would be worse than declaring victory before victory is won. That would be the greatest loss of all, so we will extend our guidelines to April 30 to slow down expansion,” Trump said at a news conference in the garden of the roses of the White House.

In recent days, the president had insisted that he hoped to “open” the country on Easter Sunday and had hinted that his government could “soon” relax its guidelines to curb the pandemic.

Trump said the April 12 date was more than an error “it was just an aspiration” and warned that the peak in the death toll is likely to be reached in two weeks.


To curb this health crisis, he recalled that last Friday the authorities gave the green light to a test to diagnose the disease, manufactured by the pharmaceutical company Abbott, which offers results in less than fifteen minutes.

In addition, a therapy to cure the disease consisting of the transfusion of plasma from the blood of patients recovered from COVID-19 is being tested in six patients.

Trump added that they are also going to authorize a project to sterilize masks. In this sense, he specified that there is a company that is capable of sterilizing the same mask up to twenty times, and that steps are being taken to process the necessary permits to start this method as soon as possible.

The president also announced a new initiative to create “an air bridge” with other countries to deliver material to New York, where the president revealed that this morning a plane arrived at the John F. Kennedy airport with two million masks and gowns medical, more than ten million gloves and 70,000 thermometers.

Trump indicated that there are expected to be about 51 such flights.


Previously, the main epidemiologist of the Government, Anthony Fauci, had pointed out to CNN that the deaths in the US from the coronavirus pandemic, which has its epicenter in New York, could reach 100,000 and the contagions could be millions.

“Looking at what we are seeing now, you know, I would say between 100,000 and 200,000 (dead), but I don’t want to subject myself to that,” said Fauci, a member of the White House working group against the coronavirus and director of the National Institute of Allergy. and Infectious Diseases.

Fauci was present at the Trump press conference, where he considered that it is “completely conceivable” that more than a million people in the US contract COVID-19, although he stressed that the extension of government guidelines for social distancing until the end of April and The measures taken will help to avoid that figure.

Deaths from coronavirus now exceed 2,000 in the United States, which has so far recorded 2,467 deaths, according to the latest data from Johns Hopkins University.

On Friday, this country, which leads the number of infections in the world, crossed the barrier of 100,000 cases of COVID-19, and is at 140,886; followed by Italy, with 97,689; and China, with 82,122


The state with the most confirmed cases is New York, which is already close to 60,000, and the thousand dead, almost half of the country’s total, according to figures provided this Sunday by its Governor, Andrew Cuomo.

In the last 24 hours, positives increased by 7,195, bringing the total accumulated in New York to 59,513; while 965 people have died so far, 237 of them since Saturday, the highest daily number seen so far.

In this state it is where the virus has expanded more strongly, but also by far the one that is carrying out the most tests, with more than 16,000 a day during the last days and a total of more than 172,000.


In this situation, New Yorkers went out this Sunday at 07:00 local time, as they have been doing for a couple of days, to the windows of their houses to applaud in a tribute similar to that done in other countries, such as Spain, to health workers.

At that time the streets of the Big Apple were flooded with applause and shouts of encouragement in these days of great hardness.

Just this morning, the mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio, sounded the alarm signal again, reiterating in a CNN appearance a message he had already released a couple of days ago: they only have medical supplies necessary to last until April 5.

“We have enough supplies for a week, with the exception of respirators. We are going to need at least several hundred respirators very quickly,” said De Blasio, who asked for “a boost” from the federal government and demanded that Trump send more doctors and military and civilian nurses.

New York City, where some 9 million people live, is the worst affected area in the state and where authorities expect the “peak” of the outbreak to be reached first.

Cuomo estimated that the “curve” will hit the roof soon after outside the Big Apple, in Westchester County, to the north, and in the Long Island area, to the east, and later in the rest of the state.


In the absence of reaching the peak, Cuomo has decided to extend until at least April 15 the order that only allows workers from sectors considered essential to go to their posts and noted that the rule will be reviewed every two weeks.

The governor said that the “return to normal” for workers will surely occur when coronavirus tests are easy to administer and available in large numbers.


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