United States President Donald Trump threatened to “vigorously regulate” social media after Twitter labeled as misleading messages from the president that voting by mail can facilitate fraud.

“Twitter has already shown us that everything we have been saying about them … is correct. An important measure is coming!” Wrote the president on the social network, of which he is a regular user.

Trump, in his capacity as president, cannot regulate or close these companies unilaterally, but needs action by Congress or the Federal Communications Commission.
However, He issued a warning to the tech giants in another previous tweet.

“Republicans feel that social media platforms completely silence conservative voices. We are going to tightly regulate them or we are going to close them, rather than allow something like this to happen, “he wrote.
In the following message, he reiterated his questions about voting by mail, just as he had done in the message that yesterday was branded as “misleading.”

“We cannot allow large-scale mail ballots to take root in our country. It would be worth everything in terms of cheating, forgery and theft of ballots“he said, in an election year in which many Democratic states could implement it to facilitate voting amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Trump maintains that the system increases the probability of fraud, which some deny, although No one doubts that voting by mail would increase voter turnout, something that has always benefited Democratic candidates.

“THERE IS NO WAY (ZERO!) That mail ballots are much less than substantially fraudulent. Mailboxes will be stolen, ballots will be falsified and even illegally printed and fraudulently signed“he tweeted yesterday.

Below the message, Twitter included the caption “Get voting information by mail” and a link that leads to a Twitter page with verification of unsubstantiated posts.

Trump responded by accusing the company of interfering in the 2020 presidential election and assuring that “as president” he will not allow that to happen.
Additionally, its campaign manager, Brad Parscale, said that the “clear Twitter political bias” It had led the campaign to withdraw all its propaganda months ago, although Twitter has banned campaign ads since last November.