Trump was seen this Saturday playing his favorite sport at his club in Sterling, Virginia, outside Washington.

The President of United States, Donald Trumpstarted Playing golf the long weekend that the country will enjoy for the celebration of the Memorial Day, which traditionally marks the beginning of summer and comes this year with the reopening of some beaches in New York and New Jersey, two of the states hardest hit by the pandemic of the coronavirus.

This Memorial Day celebration (Memorial day), in which the soldiers who lost their lives in combat are remembered, will mark for some areas of the country the beginning of measures to make the quarantine more flexible, such as the permission for meetings of not very numerous groups and the reopening of beaches and parks .

Trump visits his club

Wearing white shirt and cap, Trump was seen this Saturday playing his favorite sport at his club in Sterling (Virginia), outside Washington, on the first visit to one of his properties since last March.

The NBC News network indicated that the weekend of March 6 was the last time that the ruler moved to one of his properties. On that occasion his destiny was Sea-to-Lake, in Palm Beach (Florida), where a day later he had dinner with the President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro.

After that meeting it was learned that the press chief of the Brazilian government, Fabio Wajngarten, tested positive for coronavirus, as well as the Brazilian ambassador in Washington, Nestor Forster, and one of the senators of that country, Nelson Trad Filho.

Trump has moved in recent weeks to the Camp David (Maryland) presidential residence, also located outside Washington, as well as to the states of Arizona, Pennsylvania and Michigan, the latter on Thursday, when he toured a plant of the manufacturer of Ford cars in which respirators are produced.

New York shows progress but calls for caution

The Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, reported that his state accounts for 84 deaths this Saturday, less than 100 deaths daily from COVID-19 since it peaked in the crisis, a figure that although “continues to be a tragedy” considered to represent “real progress” in the fight against the pandemic.

In his update, Cuomo said that this Saturday “in general everything is good news” because indicators of new cases, hospitalizations and intubations due to the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus continue to drop throughout the state, epicenter of the US pandemic ., which has already reopened its less affected northern regions, and sees progress in the southern ones.

However, the governor called for caution during this long weekend, in which he has allowed some state beaches to be opened to bathers while those of New York City only allow walking and sitting. Despite that ban, a 24-year-old boy drowned on the beach in Rockaway, Queens, where he was bathing on Friday with two friends.

The official recalled that practically a third of those who get the virus never show symptoms and may be spreading it, so he urged the population to take tests, cover their faces and not make “parties of ten people” just because they are allowed , after authorizing it this Friday.

Other states are added

Your neighbor, the governor of New Jersey, Phil Murphy, also authorized the opening of some beaches and piers, always maintaining health recommendations.

In New Jersey, the limit of people allowed to meet outdoors was raised from 10 to 25.

This Saturday, Murphy confirmed on his Twitter account that his state has 443 new cases of coronavirus and accounts for another 96 deaths for a total of 11,881 lives lost.

Another state that has authorized beach visits is Connecticut, so its residents feared a massive arrival of New Yorkers.

Delaware, meanwhile, joined the opening of the coastal areas, although strictly for its inhabitants, since those who come from other areas must remain in quarantine for 14 days.

For their part, in Los Angeles the authorities accompanied the opening of beaches and parks with measures to limit traffic in neighborhoods, in order to give more space to residents to practice some physical activity and thus encourage us to stay in their neighborhoods.

The United States records one million 617 thousand 838 cases of COVID-19 and 96 thousand 802 extinct due to the disease this Saturday, according to records from Johns Hopkins University.

With information from EFE