California may have pulled out of the drought, but that doesn’t mean cities throughout the state aren’t still reeling from the effects.
The City of Turlock is still enforcing water-use restrictions due to low groundwater levels. Residents are cautioned to water lawns only two days per week.
Many wells have been taken offline by Turlock staff since elevated levels of arsenic and nitrates have been found in the water supply. According to a statement released by the city, staff is working to augment water supply and making operational changes to combat low water pressure.
“Although, as a state, we are officially out of the drought, Turlock’s water supply outlook has not improved enough to end the current two-day-per-week watering schedule,” said Mayor Gary Soiseth. “Forthcoming improvements to our groundwater system should improve conditions by the fall, however, Turlock looks forward to a more resilient water system by developing a surface water plant partnership with the City of Ceres and Turlock Irrigation District.”
The city practices alternative methods of keeping public areas green, such as using recycled or non-drinkable water on parks and public spaces, so that drinking water supply is not impacted. Like Turlock residents, public spaces are under the two-day rule, but are permitted to water on non-watering days (Monday, Thursday and Friday) as well.


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