Twitch has temporarily suspended the Donald Trump campaign team account. According to the video streaming platform, the “hate content” that is broadcast there is contrary to media rules. The move follows two videos posted by the President’s campaign team. In one of them, dating from 2016, Trump describes Mexican migrants as rapists.

In recent weeks, several social networks have taken action against Donald Trump because of the content of his messages. Twitter notably placed mentions on its tweets and Reddit blocked a group of the president’s fans, “The Donald”, which had around 800,000 followers.

Facebook has been criticized for its lax approach to the posting of messages by Donald Trump. As part of the same debate, several large companies such as Coca Cola, Honda, Unilever and Starbucks have decided to (temporarily) stop advertising on this medium. Meanwhile, leader Mark Zuckerberg has promised to take tougher measures against hate messages and “fake news”.