About 200 people who attended a religious service about 15 days ago at a Baptist church in Frankfurt tested positive for coronavirus, a spokesman for the Health Department of that city in central Germany reported Thursday.

Nine of these people had to be treated in hospitals, in one case in intensive care. The first infections from the church service held on May 10 had been released last weekend, the German news agency DPA confirmed.

A spokesperson for the congregation at the time stated that all contagion prevention requirements for church services had been met. However, in an information letter published earlier in the week, he admitted that the faithful did not use masks when singing and expressing their prayers.

At the end of last week, the authorities in Frankfurt had announced a provisional balance of 40 infected by the religious service, but since then more than 150 have joined who also attended the celebration.

Germany has recorded 181,918 cases of Covid-19, of which 8,463 died, according to the Johns Hopkins American University online registry.