“We condemn any act of violence and racism,” European Foreign Minister Josep Borrell said on Tuesday.

Europe is “shocked” by the death of George Floyd, the result of “excessive use” of the police force which must be condemned, European Foreign Minister Josep Borrell said on Tuesday.

“Here in Europe, like the American people, we are shocked and dismayed by the passing of George Floyd,” said Borrell, when asked about it during a press conference.

He called for vigilance in the face of “excessive use of force” as was the case in the death on Monday, May 25, in Minneapolis, of this unarmed 46-year-old American black man after a police officer white knelt on his neck for more than eight minutes.

” Abuse of power ”

“It is an abuse of power, this act must be denounced and combated, here, in the United States, everywhere,” added the Spaniard. Borrell insisted on the right to peaceful protest, as protest actions, some violent, have been increasing in the past week in the United States, and demonstrations have also taken place in Europe.

“We condemn any act of violence and racism and call for the de-escalation of tensions. We are confident in the ability of the United States to come together and respond to this important issue in these difficult times, ”added the High Representative. “All lives are important, black lives too,” insisted Josep Borrell.