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15 minutes. Lawyers for George Floyd’s family will request an independent autopsy of the body.

Floyd died last Monday while being subdued by Minnesota police.

The forensic procedure is to ensure that his death was due to police action, and not due to health or drug problems.

Lawyers Ben Crump and S. Lee Merritt proposed to forensic pathologist Michael Baden to examine the body and contrast their conclusions with the previous report by the Hannepin County Coroner’s Office.

Although the state medical examiner’s office in Minnesota is a neutral and independent office, attorneys believe that both the alleged, unverified drug use found in Floyd’s first autopsy, as well as his heart problems, could be used as mitigating factors. in a trial against the hitherto sole accused, the already ex-agent Derek Chauvin.

The attorneys recalled another case similar to Floyd’s.

Eric Garner also died in police custody in July 2014 in New York after being strangled in an unauthorized maneuver.

“As we have seen in Garner’s case, fictions are the order of the day. ‘He had asthma, he had a heart condition, …’ all those things were irrelevant when they lived, breathed, walked or talked, until they were found with the Police, “Crump lamented at a press conference picked up by the ABC network.