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15 minutes. New images of the moments before the death of George Floyd at the hands of the Police and reconstructions of the facts published by the media have offered more details of the event and still do not offer evidence that the man violently resisted being arrested, as assured the police version.

In a video captured by the security camera of a store and which came to light this Sunday, the victim can be seen already inside a police vehicle and handcuffed, with two officers, one from each side, who seem to be struggling with him. , while at least a third police officer observes the scene at a short distance.

According to various media, the clip is placed in time in the middle of others that had already been published.

Prohibited immobilization

Officer Derek Chauvin used a restraint that the City Police itself prohibits unless the suspect resists. Something that did not happen in this case.

Chauvin, for unknown reasons, removed Floyd from the patrol when he was already inside, as can be seen in the new video,

Then, she got on top of him and kept her knee on the neck of the deceased for 8 minutes and 46 seconds. The suspect was unconscious at the time, according to court documents.

This despite the fact that the man, also immobilized by two other agents, said that he could not breathe at least 16 times.

The New York Times

In a reconstruction of the events, The New York Times gathered all the available videos together with the audios of the emergency calls and other evidence that, a priori, shows violations of internal protocols by the police.

In the absence of the images of the cameras carried by the agents being made public, none of these materials confirm the initial official version, which claimed that Floyd had resisted arrest.

Agents went to the scene after receiving a call denouncing the use of a false ticket in a supermarket and found Floyd sitting inside his vehicle.

Just a few seconds later, one of the policemen unsheathes his weapon and orders the suspect to put his hands on the wheel, after which he keeps the pistol and removes it from the vehicle, without any resistance from the man being appreciated, which He is sitting on the sidewalk with his hands behind his back.


In the following images it can be seen that the agents take Floyd to a patrol and that at a certain moment he falls to the ground.

According to court documents, the arrested man tells officers that he is claustrophobic and unable to breathe, refusing to enter the vehicle.

In the subsequent video, the last to come to light, he can already be seen inside, before being dragged back to the ground by Chauvin, who then suffocates him with his knee over his neck.

The police would not remove her until several minutes later, when asked by the medical personnel who responded to the request for an ambulance made by the agents.

According to the Times reconstruction, the police asked for more medical reinforcement, but when the new team arrived, it took several minutes to indicate where the victim was, who was already in cardiac arrest at that time.

Floyd was pronounced dead shortly thereafter at a local hospital and his death has sparked a strong wave of outrage in the United States, with protests across the country lasting for several days.