United States —

15 minutes. The Office of the United States Trade Representative opened an investigation into the European Union and nine countries for taxes on digital services, popularly known as the Google tax.

In addition to the EU and Spain, the Office began this investigation by examining Austria, Brazil, the Czech Republic, India, Indonesia, Italy, Turkey and the United Kingdom, the agency reported on Tuesday.

The investigation, covered by section 301 of the US Trade Law, still has a long journey of many months before concluding.

Among the measures that the Commercial Representative could propose if the investigation is conclusive is the imposition of commercial tariffs.

The analysis started this Tuesday is still in its initial phase, so the Office of the Commercial Representative only asked for comments and suggestions from the parties potentially involved in the case.

Similar processes

Months ago, the Office completed a similar process regarding France’s Google rate.

The US Administration decided to impose a 100% tariff on a number of French imports, such as wine or cheese.

However, Washington froze its application shortly before it came into force to allow for talks within the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), which is working on a comprehensive solution for the taxation of digital companies. .