United States —

15 minutes. The President of the United States, Donald Trump, signed this Thursday an executive order directed at social media companies that, he explained, aims to “defend freedom of expression from one of the greatest dangers the United States has ever faced. “

The move comes two days after Twitter contradicted a tweet by the president criticizing the reliability of the vote-by-mail.

“A small group of social media monopolies control a large portion of private and public communications in the United States,” said Trump.

The president added that these companies “have the power to censor, restrict, edit and alter any type of communication between private citizens and large audiences.”

The measure tries to cut the power of social networks by reinterpreting a law that dates back to 1996 and that protects websites and technology companies from being sued.

“My executive order requires new regulations,” said Trump.

“Republicans believe that social media platforms completely silence conservative voices. We will either tightly regulate them or shut them down before letting something like this happen,” he said then.

The US president also accused the social network of “interfering” in the US presidential elections, scheduled for November 3.