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Democratic Governors criticize Trump’s calls for a stronger response

The President of the United States, Donald Trump, has affirmed this Monday that he has recommended “strongly” the governors of the states to deploy the National Guard “in sufficient quantities” to stop the protests for the death of the African American George Floyd and has warned of that, if they refuse, it will mobilize the US Army in this regard.

“I will deploy the United States Army and quickly solve the problem for them,” said Trump during a speech delivered from the White House in which he emphasized “stopping violence and restoring security and protection in the United States” with a “Overwhelming presence” of troops.

The President has clarified that he will mobilize the military invoking Law 1807 and that federal resources must be used to stop the riots and looting.

“I am going to mobilize all available federal resources, civil and military, to stop the riots and looting, to end the destruction and fires, and to protect the rights of law-abiding Americans,” he detailed.

Also, he has reported that he has taken “rapid and decisive” measures to protect the American capital, Washington. “What happened in this city last night was a total disgrace,” he lamented.

“As we speak, I have sent thousands upon thousands of heavily armed soldiers, military personnel and law enforcement officers to stop the riot, looting, vandalism, assault and the senseless destruction of private property,” he said. Meanwhile, he also reported that the curfew at 7:00 pm “will be strictly enforced.”

In addition, he has assured that those who “threaten innocent lives and private property will be arrested, detained and prosecuted.” “I want the organizers of this terror to know that they will face severe criminal penalties and long prison terms,” ​​he said, as reported by the CNN television channel.

Trump, who has claimed that his administration is “fully committed” to justice for Floyd’s death, has criticized the riots and looting as damaging to that goal.

“All Americans rightfully rebelled at George Floyd’s brutal death,” he said. «My Administration is fully committed to his family, justice will be done. He will not have died in vain, “he continued.

“But we cannot allow the righteous screams of the protesters to be drowned out by an angry crowd. The biggest victims of the riots are peace-loving citizens in our poor communities. And, as president, I will fight to keep them safe, “he added, claiming himself as” the president of law and order “and” an ally of all peaceful protesters. “


Moments before Trump began his speech, the police have used tear gas to disperse a crowd that was protesting near the White House with the aim that, after it, the president could approach the church of Saint John, for what who has had to cross Lafayette Park.

“Now I am going to pay my respects to a very, very special place,” said the president, while assuring that the United States “is the best country in the world” and has been photographed holding a Bible.


For their part, the Democratic governors of Nevada and Washington, Steve Sisolak and Jay Inslee, respectively, have criticized Trump’s calls to provide a stronger response to the protests that have shaken the United States for seven days.

Sisolak has accused Trump of “inciting combativeness, fueling racial tensions and creating division when we need unity more than ever,” while also asserting, as commander-in-chief of the Nevada National Guard, that the military “has met with its duty to protect »the population of the state, CNN has reported.

For his part, Inslee has claimed that Trump “has repeatedly demonstrated that he is incapable of ruling” and has accused him of showing “nothing but false bravado in all the chaos that has accompanied his time in office.”

“Our country is defined by our collective character and democratic ideals, not by reactionary calls for division and not by threatening Americans with their own Army,” Inslee added in a statement.

The Illinois governor, Democrat J. B. Pritzker, has also criticized Trump’s threat to mobilize the US Army to quell the protests, rejecting that the federal government “can send troops to the state of Illinois.”

New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo has told Trump “no thanks” in reference to his threat to deploy the Army, according to reports from the aforementioned television station.

Thousands of people have demonstrated across the country following the death of Floyd on May 25, after being reduced with a knee to the neck by Derek Chauvin, a white agent who is already detained and charged with murder in the third degree. .

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